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The flower meaning auspicious

In the application of Feng Shui, flowers are often used to coin the sand seekers assault, hence the different flowers have different connotations brought. The following flowers with auspicious meanings bring:

Kumquat: (homonymous with the word sand in Chinese) potted blueberries have become household ornament on each Tet.

Auspicious grass: small, blue all year round, in mud or in water are easy to grow, represents "as the auspicious", also known as aquatic plants workshop.

Palma Christi: easy to grow and live long. In China, night From President, children must touch Castor, and walked around it a few rounds to pray to big fast food.

Senna: is said to represent "green". The ancient royal court cultivated Hoe eternal triangle block unauthenticated (thornapple), the great lady secretary will sit under it, those facing the tam tam's Hoe, later people inside senna life in garden.

Ganoderma: from old people have considered it bode sewing, paintings auspicious often see retirement mouth or mouth shut grab crane Ganoderma, used as gifts congratulated.

Hoa May: its five petals are thought Gods auspicious year, hence the painting "five blessings tomorrow declaration".

Peach tree: is regarded as the essence of the Five, can allelo hundred demons, Should cherry amulet hanging on the door in every Tet, is said to eliminate the evil effects town love.

Willow: works like a peach tree, plug hanging in front willows could expel.

Bodhi leaf incense, that He: in the Dragon Boat Festival, Bodhi leaf incense hung, that He next door, or do not hesitate to do a "Ngai tiger" when worn by people, may have a detoxifying effect exorcism.

Ginkgo: bloom at night people can not see that there should be for audio components, so meals are part of art carved from wood ginkgo trees.

Fir: unyielding integrity, be exalted heads in the trees, be respected as can pursue love now. Cypress trees are often planted next to the grave

dogwood: by Feng Shui, dogwood is a lucky plants, wearing it can avoid disaster.

Tree Sapindales: very revered. Deciduous trees this tall white flowers in mid-May 5 and May 6, larger fruit 1 slightly medlar, While still living green when ripe yellow, inside there is a seed, Hard as pearls. Buddhists call it linden death, used to make rosaries, it may be "infinite" (no disaster disease)

Gourd (lake Lot): why one bowl Zhang Guolao first is the use of "protected gourd" calabash? It turns out that in feng shui, gourd is said that can expel, ancients often to its front door and back home. Modern physics experiment proved containers shaped "said gourd" can obscure the harassment of the waves and radiation. Zhang Guolao use "protected gourd" calabash, outside expel out, can preserve the taste of wine.

The flower meaning auspicious
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