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How to decorate an indoor tree flowers according to Feng Shui

Pursuant to the requirements of Feng Shui, the indoor flower arrangements to promote all relevant factors born between flowers and people, achieve harmony between flowers and people. Born close to disaster, the functionality of flowers placed in the room also different, So the rooms in the house suitable for plants flowers ?

Feng shui theory for the greening of the "village with trees, as people have clothes, too thin, the cold fear, too thick, the heat. Based on that platform, yin and yang must neutralize ". Around outside the house and garden what should plant trees ? Not be planted what ? Feng Shui has a lot of arguments concerning this aspect: "Digging planting willow winter (Additional code), drummer travelers, southern planting apple apricot (Additional ox), north in the open ", "Trees" in house bode sewing direction, also turned against the ominous ", "Green buildings around the plant will bring money to", "Between all distribution undertakings field crops, blowing the apple of the courtyard wall; Wood-planted courtyard hell, long cultivation (in) between national courts painter ", "Doorstep with Hoe, bless you three lives; after the house guests, hundred demons do not close ", "The dream is ominous east, the north with plums, the west there are peach lustful ".

Based on study results demonstrated: "Flower itself is divided into yin and yang, therefore, between flowering plants also exist mutual restraint, control each other ". For example, the flowering plants like sunlight must have 1800 lux illuminance can bloom normal, as: white wipe, rose, jasmine, May hoa, form, medicine, azaleas, Chrysanthemum ... if long days put it in the shade, it will grow no better or no bloom, or fruitless or die.

Study says: "People and flowers can also mutual restraint". What kind of restraint as arrowroot purple and pepper plant sale wedding, night will emit CO2 and O2 in the room competing with humans; fragrance incense graphic makes people suffering from hypertension and heart disease in the room feel uncomfortable. Conversely flowers also useful for humans. Like tunes effective air purifier, mutual with people and have the effect of housing wealth, chemical damage, and can put in the house. Besides, Cactus, Dragon fruit, jade tree unicorn ... also have the effect of prosperity and cultural buildings close. There are flowers such as roses, azalea thorns ... can put in the "majestic" and "decadent" in the room, on feng shui also works closely chemistry. Flower effect adjustment feng shui, this has been documented in many books ancient geomancy, but flowers mentioned trees usually blossom tree outdoor.

Here we introduce indoor flowering plants with feng shui, includes two categories, a leafy evergreen tree to, financial resources used to generate prosperity, a species of cactus are used to chemical damage. Please remember 1 following key principles: in "kingship" to put flowers with leaves, or thick leaves in "undoing" put the flowers have thorns like cactus leaves to be obtained effectively "born-being", Gas increased financing for houses. The flowers usually have: magnolia tree set, oak, pepper tree rustic wedding, arrowroot gold, banyan tree with large leaves, There are tons of great trees, tail tiger orchid, wealth structure.

Living room:

Guestrooms have more carefully 1 bit, can select categories such as architecture wealth, tail tiger orchid, Cactus, yew tree, Lotus leaves seven, Palm, Tree-financing, gentleman orchid, orchid bridge, Orchid, Primrose, switches, Fern, dracaena ..., This flower is the "object luck" in Feng Shui, implications as the sand wall, Baccalaureate found happiness.


Bedrooms need quiet atmosphere filled, deliberate and warm, can choose cactus, prickly pear tree, cigarettes spread, rose, Tulip, tuberose, Fleur-de-lis, inter horse leg (linked substrates code)…, to create an atmosphere of harmony, gently suitable for rest.

Reading room:

Reading room should be filled with scent of books, flowers should be placed in the position of the employer wenchang, can use paint flower architecture, Posted tree structure, wealth structure, ivy ... The flowers can make thinking become flexible; very beneficial for learning. On the desks can put pots chlorophyll draft, calamus ..., work security psychic complaints, prevent drowsiness.

Dining room:

Dining room should be clean, unified, You can use yellow roses, yellow carnations, Yellow jasmine flowers ... to cause appetite, increased appetite in order to protect the health of the body.


You should select the appropriate flowering plants to the conditions of sun, as: jasmine, chrysanthemum, tree netherlands, Begonia flowers, passifloraceae, architecture orchid documents, architecture heather, Sun Flower, cycads spread, cinnamon flower, the orchid flower (lan crab)…, when arranged flowers, must bring positive placed near the sun, negative after it put in; each must have its own place.

Main gate:

Main entrance opposite the stairs if they can bring lily, tree hanger, palm trees ... put in place adequate to neutralize the murderous. If the window opposite the balcony with gas, the police can use cactus, rose, plants potted jade unicorn or elected to neutralize murderous.

Summary, greening indoor layout is not satisfactory, selecting the right plants are not flowering adversely affect the health and careers of people in the house. Flowers can cure, conditioning maintenance center computer, bring luck to people, can also harm people, killing, so when we arranged the flowers in particular have to think carefully.

How to decorate an indoor tree flowers according to Feng Shui
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