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Real labor into trees – Aloe spikes

Real labor under their tree into aloe, plant is evergreen perennial multi humiliation. Leaves interwoven stems from the quality of meat on round cylinder. Long leaf blade covered with needle, gradually tapering forward, form long tails, slightly bent down, place in the middle of the concave main veins, Leaf edge sides perking, leaf edges serrated teeth shape dog, quite sharp. Flower growing out of the leaves, in growth upwards direction, flowers with orange and red spots

Growth medium:

Pot, in bowl.

Time award shows: year round

Suitable environment for use:

Used as ornamental hall, both can watch the leaves, could admire flowers, suitable for cultivation in the family. The leaves also features skin care

How to care:


– In the home, near a window or sunny areas, light shines on

Bệ cửa sổ hoặc ban công có mái che và ánh nắng ôn hòa.


Land use garden soil in the river add to nourish the soil


The most suitable temperature for growth is 18-25 poison, winter low temperature is not below 5 poison


Have strong adaptability to light, under the sun or shade can grow, but spring, Autumn and winter need more light to more, Summer should shade or placed on good ventilation indoors.


Usually, common, normal 2-3 day watering once


Every two months fertigation diluted up on the leaves, distribution efficiency will promote good.

Choosing plants:

Should choose trees with rough body to, Radioactive root form, fresh green leaves and leaf shape intact.

Interpretation and analysis of how public transport:

– Public transport utility: wealth financial moves, Examination, congratulations baby.

– Where appropriate: House, auditorium, office, hotel, restaurant.

– Azimuth public transport: North, east and northwest.

Real labor into trees – Aloe spikes
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