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Foot concrete plant

Foot concrete plants, also known as joint measures, negative opinion vu, sweet poison Guangdong, plants evergreen herbaceous perennial belonging to their natural masculinity. Health rough trunk, strong, nature, brown bark tea, Leaf color shiny blue, big as taro root, rather like elephant ears, so also known as elephant ear tree veal shanks. Do trees have very strong adaptability, has become a family tree very common, many lovers.

Growth medium:

Potted landscape, in bowl, and garden flowers

Time award shows: four Seasons

Suitable environment for use:

Foot high tree with large leaves calves Friendly, four seasons are green, strong vitality, not picky soil, under extensive management, very suitable for cultivation in the family. Plants can reach more than 2m, is the kind of scene used to decorate the living room, Hall, The best garden.

How to care:


– In the home, near a window or sunny areas, light shines on.

Ban công có mái che và ánh nắng nên hơi u tối


Đất màu có tính hơi chua có thể thải nước tốt và màu mỡ.


Nhiệt độ thích hợp để nó sinh trưởng vào tháng 3-7 was 18-24 poison, month 9 to March 3 next year 13-18 poison, winter low temperature is not below 10 poison


Không nên để ánh nắng chiếu trực tiếp vào, need to grow in sheltered accommodation, light or moderate but bright indoor environment


– Usually, common, normal 2-3 Watering days 1 time


– Each week, the use of fertilizers applied effectively fast, or fertilizer is used per month synthetic fertilizers

Choosing plants:

The tree trunk with classic design, inelegance, both morphologically intact plants is the best.

Interpretation and analysis of how public transport:

– Public transport utility: Celebratory, promote, inaugurated, harmonious family, love marriage, Examination, birthday, Happy Birthday

– Where appropriate: House, auditorium, office, hotel, restaurant

– Azimuth public transport: east, northeast and southeast.

Foot concrete plant
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