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Flower of the Five

Between flowers and all things exist "magnetic"

Under the influence of the magnetic field, the microscopic particles of the material molecules can influence each other. Adage "any existing copper alloy gas, N needle, Needle impure ", experience is drawn from folk. If storing gold in Bronze, Long days will no longer pure gold, that bronze to gold-bearing. The same, similar, flowers nor petrified by temperature and atmospheric pressure led to, which is due to air caused the lava field. Modern scientific research has gradually shed light on this question. Year 1988, Soviet scientists have discovered around objects are the molecules, human body, structures and flowers are. Between the flowers from strong or weak is determined by the state of allelopathic chemical birth, this can use the five elements of Chinese concept to adjust. Use the Five Elements of flowers to decorate not only concerned about aesthetics, but also to pay attention to its functionality. If appropriate, the layout can be adjusted environment, adjust the mood and body maintenance. As the gardens was built near the water, if used to regulate parts of the body, the kidneys can be decorated with the flowers, "black" (low brightness) as coniferous, grapes, its, dried…; if used to regulate nerve and heart, they may plant the red flower of fire in the Five, as: pomegranate, kapok tree, tree pink wall, Maple tree, red mulberry, persimmon tin, tree pallete la ...; if used to treat pulmonary department, can put more yellow flowers in the territory of the Five, as: flower parts targets, yellow jasmine, cinnamon gold, yellow daisy, Goldring, yellow roses ... The mutual restraint between the very popular flower species, Professional gardeners probably no stranger to this, eg viticulture beside pine trees will not bear fruit, elm will also grow inside the fruit sour.

Between flowers and people also exist relationships born carving

Therefore not be planted cypress trees next to the pregnant woman, because the smell of the tree will cause vomiting. Folk songs with the "trial (Banyan Tree) human intolerance ", Engineering School of banyan tree roots detrimental to humans, not be planted near the house. And should not be sleeping under vines, because the air is not good for the human body. Folk songs have the "winter planting peach willow, drummer travelers; southern planting apple apricot, north almond pear ", has the "back of the house with du, displaced hundreds of demons "; "White orchids growing in front, scent everywhere " ; "Sunflower fiery red pomegranate, dark shady sour plum jaw dropping ". Poet Tao Yuanming of the Eastern Jin has set up home his poetry that: "Negative climate data thiềm, la radio base money digging " (trees planted in porch data later, peach tree planting of trees in the front yard)... There are many folk, poetry, and word of mouth has shown the suitability or unsuitability between environment and flowers, summarized experiences from birth engraved relations which we should study to learn.

Flower of the Five
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