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Flowers by color brings good luck and intolerance should avoid

Lucky color flowers

Color occupies an important position in regulating and balancing energy, but also do not need too much. Usually there are two types of color is said to be lucky for anytime in 1 year - like red and yellow strong carry oxygen. Red is the luckiest, furnished best location of it is in the south, also furnished the best positions of Yellow is in the south west and north east.

Grass blue bell and orchids from leaves originating from Africa, the best location is furnished in the house or north, east and south east of the garden. Blue and white colors are said to be quite cold and murky, so when you choose the flower color, do not forget the flowers can earn the other bright colors like red combination, Orange, yellow, to balance energy.

The flowers should be avoided

The flowers have sharp or prickly leaves as yucca (originating from South America), agave (originating from Mexico)

The tree was planted artificial flowers, as bowls, because it symbolizes the financing transport adverse.

Flowers leaves drooping as willow.

List of plant, flowers and trees have positive energy

Thực vật màu xanh lá cây

Hoa nón (the leaf edge with wavy shape)

– Tree of fortune

– peony

– chrysanthemums

– Hoa May

– Fleur-de-lis (ly ly) or wild type plants flowers corms

Hoa mộc lan, ylang flower types

– Hoa Sen

– Bamboo

– Cedrus tree

– Peach tree

Cây quýt (flowering citrus trees)

Flowers by color brings good luck and intolerance should avoid
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Keep flowers are always fresh

Fresh flowers should also choose to buy the original. Wash jars clean plug. Cut diagonally to increase the contact area with water. Change the water every day for flowers in the early morning. Should put in place exit cool vase. adding aspirin, B1, Vitamin C helps to water flower flowerpot fresh longer.

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