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Needle money – Needle fortune

Growth medium:

Ornamental plant pot, Cut plug on average.

Time award shows:

– Month 4-5 Bloom, month 9-10 ripen fruits, Landscaped money needle attached to their natural masculinity, Perennial, evergreen. Trunk underground, on the ground without the main body; germ sprouted from the trunk to form a double leaf, Small leaves long and short-stemmed, strong. green, shiny, High-value award shows. Needle cash stout trunk, emerging pathogens and formed many small lots Friendly. Compound leaves have a lifespan 2-3 year, and are replaced constantly new leaf.

Do sinh trưởng dưới môi trường tự nhiên, easy to grow plants faster, so often grow into tall shade trees, should not pay attention to. Only when it come to fruition, the fruit to make the new city can get people's attention. Needle money if tied up some red thread or gold coins will become tree fortune that everyone likes, thus becoming favorite ornament of each home on holidays.

Suitable environment for use:

Due to withstand the dark, elegant external appearance, should be used as a decorative indoor plants or garden.

How to care:


– In the home, near windows or areas with sun, light shines on.

Ban công và bệ cửa sổ có ánh sáng chói chang.


Like fertile soil, porous, fresh air, hold water, prefer acidic soil, intolerance soils base


Suitable grow in temperate 15-30 poison


Effort to adapt to a very strong light, Prefer outdoor environment filled with light


Two spring and fall can 2-3 day watering once, Summer may be watered every day, winter should reduce the number of watering.


Vun fertilizer mixed with basic fertilizer is organic fertilizer or slow distribution effective form

Choosing plants:

Choosing trees with green leaves, sure thick, complete blade, fresh, and had the best buds.

Interpretation and analysis of how public transport:

– Public transport utility: wealth financial moves, Celebratory, Tet, promotion launched

– Where appropriate: House, auditorium, hotel, restaurant, office.

– Azimuth public transport: east, northeast.

Needle money – Needle fortune
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Fresh flowers should also choose to buy the original. Wash jars clean plug. Cut diagonally to increase the contact area with water. Change the water every day for flowers in the early morning. Should put in place exit cool vase. adding aspirin, B1, Vitamin C helps to water flower flowerpot fresh longer.

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