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Tree Le Phung Co

Le Phung has also called Le Tieu Phung, originating in the Southeast region of Brazil. Like high-temperature environment and the appropriate dry, required amount of full sun. Its leaves make a small but long, shaped wavy leaf margins, pale yellow color, red or purple ..., the leaves have longitudinal ridges, ejected as crabs format; flowers are white or pale green, grow in the forest leaves, forming a circular plate.

Growth medium:

Ornamental plant pot

Time award shows:

Year round

Suitable environment for use:

Pear leaf colors of the liturgical body bright colorful metamorphosis, it is well-known indoor plants. Due lovely tree shape, so suitable for watching in pots or in the bottle, also can be planted alone or in combination planting is ideal for decorating for windowsills, balcony and an indoor school desk.

How to care:


– In the home, near a window or area lights, the sun shines on the be.

Bệ cửa sổ hoặc ban công có bóng râm, Bright or dry.


Tốt nhất là đất cát có thể thải nước tốt.


Nhiệt độ thích hợp cho sinh trưởng vào mùa hè là 20 poison - 30 poison, Winter is not below 10 poison.


  • Suitable environmentally benign sun but bright shines on.


Mùa hè cần tưới nước đầy đủ


Vào thời kỳ sinh trưởng, from half a month to fertilize once. During the winter should also fertilizing and reduce watering, maintain moist soil in pots.

Choosing plants:

Choose plants with thick stalks make, lamina intact and lush.

Interpretation and analysis of how public transport:

Công dụng của khai vận: Celebratory, Tet, harmonious family, warm, love, marriage, promote, inaugurated.

– Where appropriate: House, auditorium, hotel, restaurant, office.

– Azimuth public transport: east and northeast.

Tree Le Phung Co
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