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Tree bract subjects

Mon leaf flower, also known as leaf color subjects, originating from Brazil, is perennial herbaceous plant belonging to their natural masculinity. Tall trees around 20-40cm, leaf shaped shield, heart-shaped long, long or oval shape like elephant ears. Colors on the leaves turn rich cultural, dotted kinds tiny spots or stripes, very beautiful elegant, is kind of the most beautiful colors in the plants, so very beautiful. Bloom tree, the lush buds, but this tree is watching the main leaf. after months 10 every year is time to rest, the leaves will wilt fall, leaving only the trunk underground section, until April next year to grow new leaves sprout new.

Growth medium:

Ornamental plant pot, bowl, garden flowers

Time award shows: month 6-10

Suitable environment for use:

In addition to use as ornamental plants to watch, home decorations in place, we also planted it along the wall around the outside of the housing

How to care:


– In the home, near windows or areas with sunlight or light shines on

Ban công có thể che nắng, light should be slightly murky.


Should use the humus-rich soil


Temperature suitable for its growth is 15-20 poison, not withstand low temperatures or frost snow.


space 50-60% sunshine, intolerance scorching sun shines directly into. In the summer, under fierce sunshine, certain to sun, otherwise blade burns.


Twice daily in the morning and afternoon


Fortnightly fertilizing once, can use compost or fertilizer, phosphorus and potassium

Choosing plants:

Choosing trees with leaf spots on the bright side, green leaf, leaf shape intact and elegant design is the best tree.

Interpretation and analysis of how public transport:

– Public transport utility: peace happiness, wealth financial moves, Examination, love marriage.

– Where appropriate: House, auditorium, hotel, office

– Azimuth public transport: east, northeast.

Tree bract subjects
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