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Watermelon rind sweet peppers

Sweet peppers originating in Brazil, is evergreen perennial crops, because lamina resembles watermelon rind so named on. Grows each dust, high 20 cm, leaf shaped oval, 3-5cm long, 2-4cm wide, petioles are red-brown, long 10-15cm. Shaped leaf veins radiated from the center toward the surrounding, have 11 The main sinews. Green leaf blade, silver veins and semicircular, blade is thick but smooth. Leaves of sweet peppers carry long green stalk, the color of the veins very strange. Do trees have beautiful shape, so if furnished in the room will be very elegant. In summer if placed 1 or tea pots on the table before the window work to reduce hot air, its cute shape also makes people happy and comfortable.

Growth medium:

Ornamental plant pot, spring suspension

Time award shows:

Cả năm; Summer will bloom and bear fruit in red light.

Suitable environment for use:

Blade thick leaves of sweet peppers, shiny blue, four seasons are green, Small trees are common, very suitable for potted or basket, often used to decorate indoors.

How to care:


– In the home, next to windows or areas with sunlight, light shines on

Ban công hoặc bệ cửa sổ có bóng râm và ánh nắng mặt trời ôn hòa.


Humus rich soil mix, manure and a little mineral or coarse sand.


Growth in 20 – 25 Celsius is the best, if too 30 degrees C and below 15 Celsius, the growth will slow


50% – 70% sunshine, hydrophobic scorching sun shining directly into.


Usually every day watering 1 time. The amount of water if regularly maintained at the proper color of the leaves can be always beautiful


Each month fertilizers 1 once with compost or fertilizer, Winter should suspend fertilization.

Choosing plants:

Note buy plants with thick leaves and plants slick but beautiful shape

Interpretation and analysis of how public transport:

– Public transport utility: peace, exorcism, Celebratory, Tet, promote, inaugurated, congratulations baby.

– Where appropriate: House, auditorium, office, Hotel and restaurant

– Azimuth public transport: North, east and northwest.

Watermelon rind sweet peppers
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