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Tree of fortune

Tree-financing shaped like umbrellas, dry tree, healthy, inelegance; stump ballooning, round, leaf shaped radiation wheels, natural twigs should circled value shows a very high reward. If braid it up and potted can enhance the value and enhance the spectacle, decorative effects. Also due to its strong adapted to the sun, to withstand the dark so the earth fertilizer , simple feeding, very suitable for growing indoors. Potted tree fortune to interior as houses, guest house, office…, can achieve ideal art should be called delicate beauty front plant indoors; simultaneously implies "fortune" for the employer a good wishes.

Growth medium:

Pot, in bowl

Time award shows: year round

Suitable environment for use:

Strange shape, implied auspicious, as houseplants placed in housing, Companies and also the meaningful gift to the best donations. It is suitable for warm environment, humid and ventilated, like sunlight to shadow should withstand very convenient care, suitable for use as decorative objects placed in guesthouse, Hall, living room, lobby…, can also be used to decorate places such as entrances bedroom, reading room, living room in the house ...

How to care:


– In the home, near windows or areas with sun, projection lights to.

Ban công hoặc bệ cửa sổ có thể che nắng và có ánh nắng ôn hòa chiếu vào.


Should use the humus-rich soil.


Appropriate temperature for growth is 16-28 poison; in the summer, when the temperature on 30 degrees C should be adequate shade


Spring and autumn should receive the entire light, summer, sun properly, Winter should be placed before the window to full light.


Every two months or synthetic fertilizers fertilizer fertilizer, Winter should suspend fertilization.

Choosing plants:

NOTE choose trees with trunk solidly, shiny leaf edges, green leaf, Between the leaves gap symmetry, best groomed.


Interpretation and analysis of how public transport:

– Public transport utility: peace exorcism, Celebratory, promote, inaugurated, happy Birthday.

– Where appropriate: House, auditorium, office, hotel, restaurant.

– Azimuth public transport: North, east and northwest.

Tree of fortune
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