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Pepper grass leaf

Chilli leaf grass under piperaceae, originating from Brazil. As trees grow in dust, short body, heart-shaped leaves are round, growing from the treetops, around five branches and leaves are green. Petiole length from 10-15cm, about 20cm tall. Green leaf surface, shiny, dorsal gray green leaves. Cotton and thick blade, sure, shiny, section on the ground without the main body, sprouting from the trunk to form double-leaf formation. Small short petioles, leaves hard and make, green, polished, High-value award shows. Lately year, there are many shops, companies and housing are planted this tree to pray for luck. In addition it also mean exorcism, This implies two very appropriate auspicious place in the company or in-house.

Growth medium:

Pot, in bowl

Time award shows: year round

Suitable environment for use:

Grass green peppers all four seasons Leaf, implied auspicious so well suited for home decorating, shop or company.

How to care:


– In the home, near windows or areas with sun, projection lights to.

Bệ cửa sổ hoặc ban công có mái che và có ánh nắng ôn hòa.


Should use the fertile soil and good water waste, can be processed with sandy loam soil with river


The most suitable temperature for growth is 18-25 poison


Shade sunlight or were born to be, but spring, autumn or winter need more sunlight than; summer should be placed in the sun or well ventilated place indoors.


Usually, common, normal 2-3 day watering once


Every two months using fertilizer diluted to irrigate up the leaves, distribution efficiency will promote good.

Choosing plants:

Should choose trees with rough body to, broad blade, the root portion of the form of radiation, fresh green leaves and intact

Interpretation and analysis of how public transport:


– Public transport utility: peace exorcism, wealth financial moves, Celebratory, promote, inaugurated, happy Birthday

– Where appropriate: House, auditorium, office, hotel, restaurant

– Azimuth public transport: North, east, and northwest.

Pepper grass leaf
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