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Wire cap

Wire cap, also known as grass piggery. Are herbaceous perennial plants. Leaves long oval, shaped wavy leaf margins. Midrib lengthen the tassels on, end with a cage leaf shaped noggin, average edge thickness, on lid, adult cap opens, can not shut down again. This leaves the cage very beautiful and attractive, in green is the main, and the ridges and spotted red or brown. Unisexual trees, Order flowers grow.

Growth medium:

Potted landscape, on trunk

Time award shows: four season in a year

Suitable environment for use:

Wire cage of beautiful leaves special cap alluring, is kind of the most popular in all kinds of insects present, often used as ornamental plants, dotted the living room, balconies and windowsills; if hung next to the hallway or in the small garden trees are elegant and lovely.

How to care:


– In the home, near windows or areas with sun , projection lights to

Ban công có thể che nắng, slightly dim light 1 bit


Soil should be peat or humus porous, fertile and breathable. When grown in pots are often used substrate mixture of peat, water moss, charcoal and bark fir.


Appropriate temperature for growth is 25 – 30 poison, month 3-9 was 21-30 poison, month 9 to March 3 next year 18 – 24 poison. Winter low temperature is not below 16 poison, below 15 Celsius plants will stop growing, below 10 Celsius, the edges of the leaves will curdle


In the summer, under the scorching sun, certain to sun, otherwise blade burns, directly affect the development of the cage leaves. But if they stay in dark conditions for extended periods, cage leaves will form slow and small, color also become darker.


Reaction of wire lid for water content quite susceptible, each day to irrigate 4-5 time


Nutrition cap wire cage outside through leaf absorption into the, also need additional fertilizer 2-3 time for a tree

Choosing plants:

Choose plants rough Friendly, to, green leaf, leaves intact shape and elegant appearance is the best.

Interpretation and analysis of how public transport:

– Public transport utility: harmonious family, love marriage, happy Birthday

– Where appropriate: House, hospital, auditorium, office.

Azimuth public transport: east, northeast and southeast.

Wire cap
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