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Ivy, also known as Chinese ivy, type of vines belonging to the army in. Ivy stem with roots, shoots hairy, with fish flakes. Leaves apart, quality leather, green ball, slick. Nutrition branch leaves oval triangular, usually have three areas of agricultural; its leaves have oval fruit oval shape, lamina intact, small petiole long. Shaped flowers sprouting from the tops umbrella, month 8-9 Bloom, small flowers, pentagram, pale yellow, scented faintly. Month 9-10 result, when nine red or yellow, spherical round.

Growth medium:

Ornamental plant pot, rolls, epiphyte on wooden pillars or iron window.

Time award shows:

Four season in a year

Suitable environment for use:

Ivy has a very strong vitality, Frozen not disabled, four seasons are green, is the ideal material to form pendulous bowl

How to care:


– In the home, near windows or areas with sun, light shines on.

– Balconies with light shade a little weak.


Loam or sandy soils may well waste water are, More of hawksbill sawdust into the soil to prepare, can increase the porosity of the soil and conducive to waste water.


15 – 20 poison, Climate cool or warm is. In the summer, when hot, can spray onto the leaves to cooling.


In the summer, under the scorching sun, need shady otherwise would burn the leaf blade.


Just 1 – 2 day watering once


Each month fertilizers 1 once with compost. Summer is a time of rest of ivy should be able to suspend the fertilizer

Choosing plants:

Go with leaves, yellow or white spot color fingerprint; seaming kind has the look cheerful; or tree branch and leaf number bushy

Interpretation and analysis of how public transport:

– Public transport utility: peace exorcism, Celebratory, Tet, Examination, love marriage, Longevity, promote, inaugurated.

– Where appropriate: House, auditorium, hotel, restaurant, office.

– Azimuth public transport: east, northeast, southeastwards.

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