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Rules & regulations


Any request to place an order on the website http://dalatflower.vn or with support tools (phone, yahoo, skype,…) be construed as customers have understood and accepted the terms stipulated in the "Terms Purchase". Understanding and acceptance of these terms do not necessarily have the customer's handwritten signature.

Customers can access the content "Purchase Terms" at any time on site. The terms included in the "Purchase Terms" will be applied in the event of any text content or contradictions.

Customer information when registering will be our staff contact you to ensure that all customer information is accurate. This information will be used as the elements needed to make the purchase.

We reserve the right to change the content "Purchase Terms" anytime. Terms applicable will be the terms set forth in the time of the purchase of the cave. Buyers should print and keep these regulations.


The content of "Terms Purchase" is applied exclusively for our sales on the site http://dalatflower.vn or order by phone. Customers ordering customer means accepted unconditionally the terms included in the "Purchase Terms". The customer information used to register on our site are all factors used in the customer's commitment to our.

Opposite, all the requirements of customers can not be accepted by us are not valid. we reserve the right to change the terms content at any time. We recommend that customers should consult regularly on the website to update the contents of the Terms of purchase.


Other valuable items 0đ (zero Dong) be placed on the website are the items customers can buy.

To be able to place an order, customers need to complete the procedures for providing personal contact information. Inside, customers need to fill some of the information required to be able to make the purchase. Customers need to enter the correct information, specific and adequate. In case of customer provided false information, inaccurate and incomplete, we reserve the right to refuse and cancel orders. Customers are solely responsible for all financial consequences that may occur during the use of the site by registering your account.

We recommend that customers some attention following :
– Customers are only allowed to use and / or download information contained on our web site for personal purposes, not for commercial purposes and no limit on time.
– Customers are not permitted to copy or use the content on our website on other websites.
– Customers are not permitted to use, Reuse, change, move, quote, instead of, replace, spread ... directly or indirectly, under any form in whole or in part (image, content …) available on our website as well as the name, logo, symbol of the site and of .
– Customers please inform us about any violations of the above, so that we can guide treatment in order to serve customers better and better.


The current, we only receive delivery orders in Vietnam and some countries in the world.
Customers need to complete the requirements to pay for a purchase order to make a purchase. After customers purchase, we'll call confirmation on the timing but also the way shopping, All this information is recorded and only used when there are complaints.

The customer information used when registering with us will be used later in the process of delivery. We have the right to suspend, cancel or refuse all orders of a customer in the event of problems related to the information provided and the payment of previous orders.


The price of samples and are ready when they appear on our website, limit the amount of inventory available. In case there is not enough material composition of customer products, we will conduct exchanges with customers alternatives, after obtaining the consent of the customer, the new order takes effect.


All product prices are in VND, shipping fee is included through our partners. Customers paid in Dollars (USD) will apply the exchange rate of Vietcombank at the time of payment. Customers can also transfer to us by other foreign currencies. Details please contact email address hp@dalatflower.vn
We get shipments to City. Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and provinces nationwide, transfer orders outside Dalat please contact our phone number in the contact.
We reserve the right to change prices of goods at any time, but always at the most reasonable price with the best quality in order to improve competitiveness and ensure the interests of customers.


General conditions

Goods will be delivered at the address indicated by the customer when ordering. Customers are responsible for providing a full range of information necessary to the delivery process takes place smoothly as : Recipient's name, exact address, apartment number, the provincial, street name, District name, districts, Ward, commune, contact phone number ... We are not responsible for the wrong shipment cases address customer's fault.

In the absence of the recipient or the recipient does not agree to receive, will handle issues would be as follows:

– These items can not be so long: flower, cake: Customers must pay 100% value.
– Goods Landscaping, Crops: Customers pay 50% value.
– Other items (Candy, teddy Bear): Customers do not pay.

Delivery time

After receiving the payment before the customer, we will deliver on time customers demand, in case of inappropriate trading hours we will exchange before. Orders can only be done when there is the consent of both 2 side.

The delivery problem

Deliveries will be made by partners selected by us. Goods in the transportation process can take unwanted risks like fractures, broken ... Customers should check the status of the package as well as the number of orders. All complaints relating to the carriage of goods must be notified customers back to us within 1 hours after receiving the goods. Customers may notice
– Contact us directly via telephone in contact
– Send your comments to the email address: hp@dalatflower.vn


Customers can track the delivery status at Sports Merchandising section on the website or call our switchboard. Our staff will be responsible for notifying customers about order status. Upon receipt of customer orders, Our staff will contact the customer to inform about the status of that line and the next steps to take. The employee will be responsible for keeping in touch until customers receive their goods.


Customers can pay via bank transfer or PAYPAL or otherwise.
Please review the billing information in our Payment Instructions.


We are responsible for providing adequate information, most accurate product samples on the site as images dalatflower.vn, color, Designs, size, amount, material ... Customers should consider carefully before deciding whether to order. We just got back products when such products are not true to describe on our website and incorrect requirements in purchase orders of customers. In this case, customers will receive back 100% amounts include : the product + Delivery charges. Reimbursement deadline at the latest 5 days after receiving official answer our. Customers can receive the money transfer, paypal, or cash ...
In all other cases, we are not responsible for errors not caused by us.
Products returned incomplete, fractures, fail, dirty, torn, lost tag ... the fault of the customer will not be accepted.


Customers have any queries or questions regarding our products, the customer care staff our always ready to answer.

Time served 7h00-17h00. Please see further information in section Contacts.


Cancel order

– For Dalat must cancel before 8 time in works (from 7:00 am to 21:00 pm).
– Orders in the province must cancel before 12h administrative (from 7:00 am to 21:00 pm).
Orders canceled after this time must still pay 100%.

Change orders

Product changes before the inflorescence expected 08 hours (or when the product has not been
design): Accepted and not charged.
Not accept changing the products immediately before the start or when the product has been designed.
In the case of new products with a value less than the value of products placed, not refund the money gap. In the case of new products with greater value placed products, the customer must make the payment of the difference value, change fee plus .The implementation flower delivery will be made after the payment is complete.

Ensure always fresh flowers

Full of flowers in garden. Flowers are picked only when orders,. So the quality is always fresh.

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Keep flowers are always fresh

Fresh flowers should also choose to buy the original. Wash jars clean plug. Cut diagonally to increase the contact area with water. Change the water every day for flowers in the early morning. Should put in place exit cool vase. adding aspirin, B1, Vitamin C helps to water flower flowerpot fresh longer.

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