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Effective treatment with feng shui flower

Plants and flowers are not only worth admiring and dining, but also symbolizes the prosperity and growth of the soul with life. We can reduce your pressure down, provide a natural environment, to reduce air pollution and noise. In the field of Feng Shui, flowers most charismatic people and is one of the practical methods of treatment. We bring flowers placed in the room can enhance the vitality of Engineering, provide an effective treatment for intangible. No matter where, the vivid flowers are huge influence, it can affect the direction of the gas to energy, it can also help return gas equilibrium.

The purpose of Feng Shui the most primitive is to strengthen the relationship between humans and nature, which flowers lend it to produce abundant natural gas resources, and build an important bridge contact. We can prevent the compressed gas gradually pinned in the dark corners and soften the medium gas flow through the corridor but fairly large oscillations.

Under special status, flowers will produce the extraordinary power to coordinate with the plight time. For example: when near electromagnetic radiation equipment, flowers will produce energy to disable the static; While airborne toxins, flowers have a cleansing effect and can produce fresh air. therefore, when flowers are arranged with methods specific sense, they can be the source of important gas.

Feng shui flower effective treatment

The flowering plants healthy, bloom is an important factor to generate gas, we can provide abundant energy source in the home. flowers, especially seasonal bloom, they represent happiness, because of their bright colors, if combined with the five elements correctly, you can end the process of achieving eight kinds of human desires.

When choosing to buy flowers, you should pay special attention to the shape of the leaves. There are some types of flowers, especially the leafy kind of sharp, they produce toxins or murderous, ie what we call "bad feng shui". You should choose flowers with rounded leaves, succulent petiole, because they have the potential energy can attract "good thing".

Effective treatment of artificial flowers (ornamental plant pot) relatively few, but if you take care of them clean, neat still useable. However, if you can not ensure the healthy and sufficient water for flowers, plants and causes them to wither, ie, symbolizes death and misfortune. So, the good air from the plant only flowers and plants healthy. However, in the field of Feng Shui, flowers also features stimulate the stalled gas estate in the corners and make the atmosphere become active; it can make a positive atmosphere by softening sharp items, have spawned angle.

Besides, bring flowers placed in the poor lighting, it can make it azimuth became active, the room will become increasingly large. When bookcases were screened again, equipment work were in corners, flowers remain neutral effect sharp and neutralize toxins. Because we have these functions, So, if you want to put some flowers into the room to soften the sharp objects, rough then they cherry blossom trees is ideal, cherry blossom trees they did not like the type of tree species attractive flower spike can constitute a disadvantage in Feng Shui, because lanterns shaped like its that embodies the "luck"

Choose the right flower carved Five students

Feng shui has its symbolic meaning, because these things are things in the context of energy can spread with certain types of forms; some typical "good", some typical "bad". Thus gas emitted by the flowers that can be applied in the special rules of feng shui, as Bagua and Five Elements. Bring them combined, can rely on the interaction of the five elements "relative and restraint" to balance the energy of the land.

Distinguishing characteristics of yin and yang of flowers is also a method of energy balance, but most important is to remember in the first sentence: "Flowers are alive, is mutable ". You can rely on the Five students to balance the yin and yang carving properly. For example: the flowers of polypodiaceae filamentous like she was not deprived, reed reed ... can rely on oxygen on serrated leaf to weaken and gas equalizer. And a bouquet represents the kind of positive natural gas as the structure can add color to the dark corners.

Effective treatment with feng shui flower
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