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Great benefits of scene brought flowers

Humans affected by circumstances very large. What the eyes see, which mouth is eating, nose is smelling, inwardly think are categories need to pay attention to the life of feng shui. The good flowers are useful to humans necessarily suit the conditions as appearance, beauty, beautiful colors, aroma faintly, overtones of luck, full bloom, Strong… Whether plants or flowers in the bottle plug, if the amount of water, light, appropriate fertilizer and ventilated environment, The longer life expectancy, thì biểu thị “từ trường” của nhà ở hoặc không gian văn phòng làm việc của bạn càng tốt.

“Khí vận” là lưu động, cũng là vận động lẫn nhau. Môi trường có thể làm cho sức khỏe con người mạnh khỏe, tỉnh táo, sức lực tràn trề. Thường xuyên tiếp cận những người thành công trong công việc, trong cuộc sống cũng có thể lây nhiễm được cái phần may mắn ấy. Bạn cũng có thể thông qua cây cỏ để khai vận và nâng cao sức lực, thể xác lẫn tâm hồn với mạch suy nghĩ rõ ràng của bản thân, followed by a feeling of satisfaction by achieving favorable and happy, then let relatives and friends next to you can also share your luck. Flowers may bring 3 kind of energy:

Healthy sedative

Physiology of flowering plants far from human, flowering plants emit CO2 and O2 needed for humans, and also can resolve the matter in the air mycin, very useful for human health. The trees bloom can bring people joy extreme mood. The momentum moving flowers of the four seasons, from germinating, flowering buds, flowers bloom to wreak the same as the life of the person, can make the human soul in natural harmony, reduce the delusions and the obstinate mind.

Neutralize Woes

Overlooking beautiful flowers often make people feel quiet, relief, serenity, invisible did remove the impatient, boring, avoid causing discord in the relationship between people, and prevent us only know immersed in difficulties, lack of circumstances or life. Can say, it can stimulate us towards positive direction and achieve a career achievement.

Office, houses or shops, in areas with slightly weak light, do not travel frequently or do not use, best to add 1 Light bulbs and placed several bowls are blooming to improve this gloomy atmosphere. At the sharp turn corner, the walls smeared, window facing the wall or facing the corner of the neighbors can do on the way. The decoration and layout it will make everyone's eyes naturally focus on that. For the person in charge of taking care of water bowls should be replaced regularly and trimming, makes the atmosphere here more exciting the more you can beat back fear and dirty inherent.

Bring luck to

Whether housing, office or shop, using an ingenious way of flowers was expressed sincere elegantly. Using beautiful flowers to welcome a friend, lover, relatives and even the customers in business, so people feel your respect for them, since that would generate sympathy for you, desire fellowship, business agreement, Your job as can progress smoothly, close them. Summary, if want greening and beautifying homes, the selection of raw materials to clearly divide good from evil, clearly define the five elements of yin and yang, identify properties, specifying azimuth and positioned correctly, it makes new creatures of your home schools coordinated and there is a good feng shui.

Great benefits of scene brought flowers
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Fresh flowers should also choose to buy the original. Wash jars clean plug. Cut diagonally to increase the contact area with water. Change the water every day for flowers in the early morning. Should put in place exit cool vase. adding aspirin, B1, Vitamin C helps to water flower flowerpot fresh longer.

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