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Select and coordinate all kinds of vase

How to Choose a vase in the design of floral art is very important, it involves the creation of atmosphere for the whole body. The natural materials of course will bring new efficiency, why we do not use dry twigs vase to a primitive beauty out front again but?

Just containers have drainage holes in the bottom, the means of living can do vase. If quality, the color of the bottle is not easy to coordinate, It can cover up 1 Dried algae layers to create original flavors pure and natural; concurrent use of flower colors to coordinate with the elegant bottle will bring people enjoy feeling different and can add more color to the indoor environment. Compared with conventional lowly flowerpots, tall slender shape of the vase vertical bring unique features, use leaves to wrap the flower is a combination of the whole body, shaping the material nature but also proved atmosphere, can put at the door, can also put on a big dinner table. Besides, other types of specialized vase with materials such as: glass, faience, pottery, metal, Rattan, and types lẳng, baskets, Within the cloud ...



The variety of types of vases

In Asia, the bowl large format commonly known as flower pots, but in the Americas, flower pot or bowl ... no matter how big or small containers, containers used for growing plants are called vase (container).

Materials for rubber outer vase, concrete and stainless steel up, There are natural ingredients like bowl, pottery or woodwork ... It may be based on the display position, shape and small size of the jar to choose appropriate flowers, but if you plug in an average of two flowers, apart coordinate the shape or color, also pay attention to the characteristics of each type of flower.

Fresh flowers in the vase suitable plug porcelain or glass

In which glass is everyone's favorite. Vase is divided into several categories such as: average during, art vase and engraved crystal vase with fresh flowers ... When plugged, ordinary people are choosing pots or vases throughout the art, because watching the flowers is the main purpose, vase is only a tool for florists. The crystal vase with carved apart can be used for flower arranging, itself is a work of art, taking huge spectacle, but the price is very expensive. Should choose the average Friendly and mouth slightly wider breath to prevent fresh flowers withered due to drainage; simultaneously beneficial for ventilation, prevent rotting.

Banks made of ceramics are diversified and have high artistic value, both can display in the medium used for flower arranging. Besides, supplies of architecture, wood or rattan, often used to shape and coordinate with dried flowers, Artificial flowers are also unique decorative effects.

Pots Window

Pots Window

Vases in country houses in Europe and America

Often to empty a space near the window for planting flowers or put the vase is rectangular. Besides, was placed directly on the floor under the window, or hung on railings, balcony. The shallow bowl is one of the vase is very suitable for planting flowers, if added to the rack, can make ornaments stereoscopic format anymore ! Moreover, it can be placed in any place any decorations, by shallow containers, land use less quantity so very convenient to carry. Material and shape of the farmers are not the same bowl, common bowl diameter larger than the height (deep), So when cultivating, The best is the soil in between higher 1 bit. Besides, arable land of the bowl easy to dry, Additional Notes water. On the principle that the soil has dried up additional irrigation water right.

Creating gardens in the air

Floral wire can just hang, both can troughs, whatever is on the wall, around the door, garden fence or small can use to become ornament stereoscopic format.

Create hanging gardens

Create hanging gardens

Floral wire type as flower basket made of steel wire, pottery, wood and resin ... outside the village made out of steel wire, cultivate methods are applied by other forms similar to the conventional bowl. When using wire flower basket bowl shape to cultivate, first paste layer moss grass inside wire, Then add soil grown plants, Typical plants in pots can be planted, bowl is cypress leaves jail. If ordering 1 adroitly may cause it to form a small format aerial gardens. Both strings of flowers with green vegetation is the main, add cute little flowers, look at both new and elegant.

Dancers waltz of flowers and floral jug

With enough colorful flowers, colorful, Please use unique eyes, the new creative and skillful hands to the gas bottle and flowers have different substances together dancing, We will make your house extraordinary radiance!

White porcelain vase brings restful, implicit, depression of the East, combined with the radiant colors of the orchid trees will form a powerful confrontation scene. With small transparent vase, placed on average a few pebbles can also highlight your feeling pretty small vase. Under the more religious of the vase with elegant curves, the simplicity of cedar, ardor European fire dragon tree, along with the glow of red roses to create a romantic atmosphere incredible. Bring the pieces of rustic burlap wrap the flower pots rough again, then tie light in the pots, the beauty of lavender apparently also because it changes. And the vase neck and wide mouth is suitable for planting trees to Friendly. The blue, cute swan velvet tree and plants brought continental spread scent of spring while swaying in the wind. The braided grass baskets for miscellaneous construction items or indoor use are very suitable for planting small flower pots create an idyllic atmosphere both cozy just quiet.

A steel container typically not people pay attention to, but feeling cold and hard we bring modern style. Roses and tulips have a high body and meek nature of women, if brought into the iron barrel plug is like the love story of the first woman on Earth who so, very new and beautiful. A bouquet of yellow roses suitable for wide mouth jar, Brazil wood leaf try decorations around inside the bottles will bring to enjoy the new feel. Like a sunset with bright sunlight it becomes adorn the cozy but so quiet.

Dancers waltz of flowers and floral jug

Dancers waltz of flowers and floral jug

Diverse material

The material used for flower variety, includes porcelain, pottery, glass, plastic, Bronze, aluminum furniture, tin toys, wooden, Painting, upset, stoneware, idiot, seashell, coconut shell…, most of the water container can be made vase. From past to present, production are highly valued vase, which is applied at most porcelain.

Shaping of the vase is also very rich

These types of comments that we present application is the inheritance and development of the cultural elite of mankind in thousands of years. Bronze An Asian blue period: top, Hot Pot, box, bean, amphora, Stripping, jar,…, at that time but was used as a weapon, kitchenware, eat and wash ..., now the shape was widely applied to modern valuables in the house. Green ancient bronze ancient people used to drink wine capital, now increasingly the afterlife garden art admirers. Apart from accumulating the average shape of the ancient, present-day cultural exchange between East and West, so the shape of the vase is also increasingly rich.

The selection of vases also show the style of the user

V "is the most expensive contract, cheap is money "is the ethereal aura that elegant elegant literati revered artist. According to traditional experience of floriculture in China, when selecting average should pay attention to weather: "Crowded spring steel used, Lower revenues used porcelain ". Or to know the nature of coordinating vase with fresh flowers as: "Average copper plug in Leopard, flower arrangement in porcelain vase se ". therefore, can see, coordination between the flower and the vase should be chosen carefully.

Selected according to the actual application situation

The spacious living room, the flowers need to be a little dense plug, larger vase should also. Opposite, the relatively small space such as classrooms, the flowers should be simple and small vases can also slightly.

Selected according to the average color

If the plug luxuriant flowers, the color of the vase may coordinate darker. Opposite, the slightly paler flowers should coordinate with the color vase complex.

The basic shapes vase

Vases, though there are many types, the popular culture, but no matter how evolution has not escaped its roots, basic form is not outside those categories: pot, bowl, tube, jar, and their deformation.


Basic characteristics are shallow bottom, big mouth.


Basic characteristics is wider mouth bottom, Bottom deep breath, high-low leg bottoms.


Basic characteristics is the mouth and the bottom have similar magnitude, usually round, triangle, quadrilateral, hexagon…


Basic characteristics is small mouth big belly, neck.

suspension type

The vase shape and wall hanging, Their same characteristics as are straps or holes to hang up. Can also cut down a bamboo tubes burning blue, or cut off a portion of the wine bottle mouth is lovely west we had a vase fun and unique.

Compared with the competition, and large format flower exhibition, the indoor floral arrangements just a few materials and supplies flower simple cup, Car, tea tray, or wooden boxes ... can also turn into a work of art both poetic medium cozy, but no less special.

therefore, can say, Use utensils simple flower arrangement will highlight the tension of art flower. The important thing is that we must know the combination of flowers, color ... and supplies florists to increase the value savor, especially to fit the meaning of flowers according to Feng Shui.

Select and coordinate all kinds of vase
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