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The origin meaning of feng shui tree

In southern China, there are some villages that still retain a small woodland, most of them are perennial plants such as camphor tree, Cedrus tree, fir, ironwood trees. If you are visiting, you should remember not to touch them, because this is the feng shui tree, also known as border plants. All people who live here do not dare touch a blade of grass in a tree branch where it, fearing that would undermine his village's feng shui

Cedrus tree

Spare the trees hailed from past to present, evergreen trees, Such rough bark dragon, small leaves like horsehair, nor wilt encounter snow fall dew, spent thousands of years did not die. Historical records, when Qin Shi Huang Tai roam the rain strikes, Should he have shelter under pine trees, after style for this plant was "contingent Tung great lady," so the saying: "Gentleman confess architecture, Spare great lady effect "from which. Pine trees withstand cold and drought, in dry soil can also survive; in winter or summer are green. In folk often question: "Nanhai-being as the hydraulic flow, Nam Son immortality expectancy rates spare. In a painting usually have "organic Tue triangle welding" (spare, structures, May) with auspicious meanings. In calligraphy, instruments, ornament often "copper spring redwoods", "Spare electrodes aged", "First Lake complex inaugurated" (Plug spare spike, narcissus, May hoa, Ganoderma,... in average). therefore, can say: sand pine trees are being widely reported from past to present.


– Biotic hypocrisy, Spare word transparent attempt. White, the wild western identity "not have been partakers with the bad guys, s patience property details, luxury status ". In the book "Theory" of China have said: "She has been necessitated by, Spare word transparent attempt " (in Chinese letters and digits Bach Ba are Bach). Tung is "public", pressing the "promotion", in the army deprived "of mostly male Persian", promote ranked third place, cypress should also "the triangle of paralysis" (Tuesday the ranks).

– Legend, the devil likes to eat liver and brain dead, fear of the tiger, fir. therefore, besides the sound trạch, Tomb often planted cypress trees and building stone tiger. The Chinese folk traditions also use cypress for exorcism. In the "Compendium of Materia Medica" said: "On Tet get it to soak alcohol exorcism" (Cypress are durable, steady, the perennials, can eat, directors who typically take it as medicine, in Tet he took it soaked alcohol intake minus the ta.Con musk scented body, Women also eat into the body will be lighter, this is also its performance. In The Empire Life, some hunters have caught a girl not dressed in Mountain Valley South, whole body were hairy, jumping over streams such as fly, came together to round up. Spoke to knew she was the women of the Qin Dynasty, so avoid chaos that hide in the mountains, hunger without the food, an old man had taught her to eat leaves and fruits of cypress, Instant no hunger anymore, lightweight body like flying, to life, it was more Emperor Cheng of Han 300 old)

– Besides, folk still believe: "Red Beard usually eat juniper berries, teeth fall to grow ", "The more people eat juniper berries to live long" or "Eve drink cypress leaves will add life". In the conception of folk, cypress rhymes with the word "urgent" (hundred) the pole number, much discourse and perfect pole, everything took the word "department" (hundred), cover the entire, as the department (hundreds of), cypress birds (hundred birds), cypress cross (hundreds of rivers)... Therefore, paintings often: cypress and image objects "as standard" constitute "imperative of like mind" (hundreds of like mind), cypress and tangerines constitute "the great urgency of sand" (the word "tangerine" in Chinese sounds close to the word "sand". Once upon a time, People Hangzhou (China) have practice, Tet begging for tattoos made of cypress branches, and set up pieces of dried persimmons tangerines, This means that the great cypress sand. Since word cypress, marketing (pink), great Sand (tangerines to) rhymes with great urgency the sand.


Loại giống của quế gồm đan quế (Flowering red), needle cinnamon (yellow), banks cinnamon (White), bloom in April 8 lunar, Should we call the month 8 is "cinnamon Quarter". Flowers fragrant cinnamon, drinking tea can, can do drugs. Cinnamon is considered to bring luck flowers, old people still call the bean examinations as "middle periods Cinnamon", "Laurel extract" and the honor of showing you, radiant future of the children is "knitting method cinnamon presentable". In China, to Life Five Dynasties, Yen Son Vu Quan's beans bore five sons and all of them into account. University of Phung Dao gave verses: "Yen Son beans sweet cross, Finite local religious significance, flexible spending most senior spring, Knit the cinnamon contingent expenses ". In "Three Character Classic" is also recorded: "Bean Yen Son, ie organic methods, Catholic ranks death, the positive list ".

– In Chinese, "Cinnamon" rhymes with "wealth", means riches wealth. There mores new bride to wear flowers and fragrant cinnamon to "quarter". Paintings include cinnamon flower and lotus seeds are "linked to the Sons' (Continuous birth son), paintings include cinnamon and peach flowers is the "quarter-life infinity" ... Que imply is auspicious because it rhymes.


– Be regarded as a jonquil, under the auspicious. People said:: "Organic modern caveman false spring, cycads bowl course of spring, cycads bowl of collecting ", this could see the life of Castor. "Compendium of Materia Medica" have recorded: "Castor easy to grow and live longer," so people often take "Spring Year", "Spring" command to congratulated.

– By Castor lived so people have the habit simile it as father and mother for grass patio. Emperor Minh, in "Kim lather up" of sovereignty have recorded: "Misfortune spring Funeral Home property, intensive training route back into human sea ". Some places (as areas in Shandong Lu Southwest China) have mores is Eve, Children touch Castor and walked around to pray to large and longevity.


Dân gian có câu: "In front of a senna, not sure it is money ". Senna is considered auspicious varieties, be that as "miscellaneous expenditures crystal", capable arbitrate proceedings, litigation.

Cho nên người ta trồng cây hòe trước sân một là lấy bóng râm, two is to take pleasure sewing, expectation that the offspring will succeed. Besides, senna can also be used as drugs. In the "Compendium of Materia Medica" have recorded: "Sprouting new shoots of senna can wash and eat fried ripe, can also drink instead of tea. Hoe or planting seed in field, then picking sprouts will eat well ". Or under "List of special care continent" marked: "Eat can complement minded, long silver hair that extra ".

Cây hòe có lợi cho con người, often used to greening, nor less user to feng shui layout.


Sycamore tree is a kind of contract, copper tree include tung tree, planing plant contract, purple flower tree, white flower tree, sycamore ... Implant copper lot of use, copper tree wood is not rotted, Whether sunshine nor wind blowing fault, Whether breaking rain nor mud wither, Whether dry or damp nor metamorphic, ironwood tree perennial though nor by its, can compare with the precious tree in the world. Tung tree oil can be squeezed, cell shading trees and sycamore copper is used as the best forum. In the "Book of the Later Han" has recorded: "Thai Ba roam Mount Tai, sycamore and saw fire and heard a loud, suppose, I think: "This is good wood, he took the guitar ". Corn contracts are considered "passive components", likely to pass current, if the king knew appoint talented guys, the sycamore grows in winter fog; vice versa if not springing sycamore, ie replace all the water. More, sycamore can tell us five months, is signaled when the leaves fall autumn, Folk should often question: "Wu homogeneous chlorophyll optimistic, galaxy take No. ".


– Classification based on modern flower, Structures belonging to rice stem. Chinese ancient architecture that "any real travelers diamond, non non carpentry workshop ". From past to present with a lot of extensive praise of architecture. Structures have intimate relationships with people born, can be used to build a house, do paintbrushes, Papermaking, household tools and carved paintings. Habitat, Structures not met dew boar when snow, the past four seasons is still lush, Beautiful but not skittish, elegance, rustic worth admiring. The writers see architecture as sage, honorable man. In the "backbone sign" of Bai Juyi said: "Truc self sage, Galaxy ear ? Architecture Version, aunts passive virtues, Any gentleman is the; good rule is any promotion exam false. Structures not mind, certainly not be directed, Any gentleman is interested, competition rules apply fake nowhere receptor. Structures virginity, s certainly up media, gentleman is any more, Exam to practice operating rules list, di unanimous fake insurance. Phuket as Marketing, Brand tries gentleman ". The more high quality of architectural styles make people put it together with the sage, thus saying: "Would rather eat no meat, but can not stay without architecture ". In the paintings you, people often called architecture, Spare and tomorrow is "useful triangle welding minnows", structures, May, Quarter, shui is "five saints", spare, structures, states, jelly spread and life is "contingent berthing"; and often appears under the pen of the graphic part.

– Structures have many kinds, may have on hundred. Structures are a lot of cultural implication. As: balcony architecture (The Story of the Western Wing), from architecture (also called hospitality structures, maternal architecture), Luo Han architecture, Pearl Metallic Structures salary, natural architecture (Natural male modern architecture architecture)... If architectural drawing with pumpkin, periwinkle flower, taking the meaning of the homonym may constitute implied "Heaven and Earth ivy", "Local schools eternal heavenly". Reconstruction rhymes with the word "wish" should imply good bless.

Evening flower case

Evening flower case of tall deciduous trees, leaf shape dual staggered feathers, bright night will close stretch, symbolizes the cozy intimacy of conjugal and marital happiness, so called tree "where the festival". Starting from the Han Dynasty, two letters of festival went deep into the culture of the Chinese marriage, there where electricity Festival, where the festival was, Festival of crown, Festival of the, Festival of Festival of weak and topical. There sentences: "Properties of passive receptacle disaster declaration, front bumper wine festival adapters obliterate ". United stomach where it is literati considered neutralize tree hatred and sorrow. They said that: "Festival of, received the most toxic list, certainly give way rules bar, Most bars list sugar with flowers, Rounds power "; or 'Read the Festival, Draft statement lily ". therefore, where people often planted in gardens stomach beside the house.

Apple tree

Apples are very common trees planted, Hardwood can do household tools, sculpture, ancient books often called "the apple"; eat fruit can "gas utility tonic medium long-elves". Apple trees bear fruit very soon, young trees can bear fruit. In Chinese, apple rhymes with the word "algae" (early), folk customs have been painted with chestnut apple (or cloth), because rhymes with "created from" (premature birth son). People often bring apples and cinnamon natural to give as gifts in wedding day, because they rhymes with "algae Sons" (premature birth of sons); Besides, people also use apple, chestnuts and peanuts on the "canopy minister" in the wedding night to bring luck, advantage.

Chestnut trees

Nuts can be eaten, can do drugs. In ancient times, people use wood to do the chestnut tree owners (Father of all deaths), and called the god's temple cardboard "home flipping". The ancients used it to denote the sincerity of the woman and family happiness as: "Lady GMT Releases, Government specific frequency, homemade flip " ; "Marital estate through even flip apples, Facts have posthumous " ; or "flip east expenditure subject, Net loss in property ". In Chinese, Chestnut (flip-mail) rhymes with "up to death", is auspicious animals to demand self. Apple, Chestnut, peanut, Do ... usually placed on the table wedding, Between the bed or in the palm of the bride to ask for luck.

Peach tree

Peaches originating in China and carries very special culture, in practice the concept of folk, religious and aesthetic, are the contributions of its. Flowering peach red, white, Pink, dark red, very beautiful and lovely. Chinese people usually take for von cherry to the beautiful girl, things related to women all carry the word "peach", eg: peach blossom page, peach flower transport, peach color ... type of cultural information is transmitted to Japan, geranium school (bathroom) Japan has clearly stated that "expenditure ladder digging" , "Spare GMT ladder" (female bathhouse, male bathhouse). Folk that have flexible gas training, if training does not bloom in May 3 the cell will fire alarm, thereby month 3 also called "training periods". Chinese mythology says peach tree may be because of the sun god sticks can also be due to the variable star Polaris; What is however whether also carries miracle. In the book "Pacific defense chief," said: "Peach skin, fine arts field contingent expenses, Authors try bibs for deviant gas data. Digging detailed satellite demon born in subjects, Botanical institutions demons, fixed needle dug personality created before half, certainly evil gas pressure ". Digging can tame hundred demons, dig up demons are afraid wood. The ancients used peach wood made into items exorcism, as: press peach, peach charms, digging for, trained personnel ... the Dragon Boat Festival, plug spike dug up front is also customary training concept can avoid evil gas. Besides, peaches also known as "first dig", "Life training", This mainly stems from the myth of peninsular tree planting Queen Mother of the West, legend 3000 in bloom, 3000 in the left, intake may increase 600 year old. Beautiful peach tree flowers, fresh fruit, easy to grow, it is often grown in the home garden.


Pomegranates also called Anshi Pomegranate, according to Chinese historical records, Emperor Wu in Han Dynasty, pomegranate trees brought from the Western Region Anshi should be called An Thach Luu. But medical code of Han Tomb King Double mentioned that before the Western Han, China had pomegranates, as the poem "pomegranates Bay" by Emperor Yuan of Liang: "That makes application development vi, Spring tomb relative movement alone. However suspicious marble, Continental wins tomorrow harmful algae ". Cultural mores in China, that "death pomegranates department" symbolizes "kicked blessed". In fact, flowers and fiery red pomegranate, could refreshing fruit and the wine should be a lot of people have planted it in the garden.


Qu Yuan each grab "chant sand" to bay shape, the nature and dignity of blueberries. Properties of blueberries will vary by location Engineering, in "Chu holidays – See the sign, "said: "Sand du nostalgic baby ... try local Computerized natural gas field". Blueberries with foreboding, legends say things may be fulfilled. Legend: "Tran Hau dreamed of a bunch of yellow jersey Siege, cut down all around the city grow kumquat, When the Options pull to, around them clothed gold, Soon the attack on a military Depending fulfilled ". Some others say that blueberries are due Dipper stars Thien Tuyen's transformed into. Besides, blueberries longer considered: "Linear spread of sand", Its real value is mainly fresh fruits edible, peel and seeds can make drugs, plant it will have economic benefits. In the folk traditions, because in Chinese, blueberries rhymes with sand so people get blueberries for penny sand blessing, Gold blueberries may be good omen. Therefore on the day of Lunar New Year, civilians left oblique red cypress twigs dry, then set up large blueberries, to beg hundred luck.

Ochna tree

Mai is featured flowers for distillation in traditional New Year's Day to commemorating ethnic ancestry and good luck. Plum blossom in mid-season, winter and spring "spring toxic baby galaxy", so called "flower spring report" and is said to be "galaxy offers things". Leopard is used to von women, someone said that Leopard "quỳnh body relics, alien's period, pants the leader ", Architecture is like husband, Tomorrow is like wife, the congratulatory wedding couplets often: "Tomorrow architecture double happiness", both men and women teenager also called "code myricaceae architecture". Dignity of snow tomorrow in fog cleaner, should be said that includes "four virtues". The ancients say: "Tomorrow ie specific virtue, Natural micro newborn, flower opening acts, the benefit horoscope, maturation of virginity ". Leopard has 5 wing, symbolizes five blessings - Fun, happy, longevity, advantage, peace, the yin and yang fit "five elements" water, fire wood metal parts of China. The couplets are often congratulated: "Tomorrow opening five blessings, multi-alarm structure triangle " (Three bamboo leaf blade), implied auspicious. Also tomorrow there is beauty "from you": you sacrifice whatever you honey, you vomit your old estate, Real precious crocodile quarter obesity, you declare your jaw estate, should have the "binary dump tomorrow declaration" to visualize the beauty of it. He (sir), aging (already), crocodile (thin), jaw (close) beauty "quarter-quarter" of tomorrow, this is usually expressed in the writings of the artist.

Hoa Sen

Hoa sen có rất nhiều tên như hà hoa, Shui Furong,... lotus can eat and do drugs, Additional beneficial effects have air; lotus seeds can cool the liver, febrifuge. In the "Compendium of Materia Medica" said: "Physicians get it to eat, hundred patients are treated ". In addition to its real value, lotus is also a symbol of Buddhism. Home of the Buddha Shakyamuni there are many shower, Buddhism thus often taken to shower compared himself. "Compendium of Materia Medica" have recorded: "Like marketing uses it to themselves for, magic of the whole ". After the Tang Dynasty established Buddhism as the state religion, shower very people beloved. Buddha is said that water was in the shower and the place is called "eon", Buddhist scriptures are called "venture business", Buddha is called "inter-is" or "inter-station", Buddha himself is called "inter-universal ', Monks called "interdepartmental", saffron is called "joint health",... Photos shower also become symbols of Buddhism, architectures, works and objects of Buddhist paintings also feature shower. Besides, in China, lotus is considered gentleman and very profound influence human life.

“Bản thảo cương mục” có nói: "Lotus roots grow under the mud, but still keep your self clean; soft but solid, Gas more, although there is weak but still grow Friendly, over there, flowers and fruit; then again sprout to be able to continue to sustain life. The four seasons are edible, makes one love, roots can say is you !”. The lotus plant has 1 – 2 pure lotus flower called insole, represents a combination of male and female, the love of husband and wife. The question of who congratulated usually permanent resident card virtue which scriptures, account the eternal flower frugal declaration part "... In Chinese, lotus rhymes with the word "integrity" (purified), "Inter" (born), folk customs take such means according homophone: "The most honest", "Inter-born sons" ... Yet, for the culture of the Japanese people back to that shower not a virgin and pure, but flowers "abjection".


Hydro capacity divided accordingly in line capacitance, and proper storage position. Shui Furong also known as inter-tree wood, Local Furong, deep snow ... Trees in line with what a lot in Sichuan (China), bloom in the fall and winter, Most bloom in the days of frost. To Life Five Dynasties, Shu Hau ordered Strong dew full grown trees that apply to content outside Cung Uyen, then as brocade bloom later should they call into dollars Cam Thanh, Dung Thanh. Trees withstand cold storage, see the bloom dew, so also known as "deep dew". Consistent content in Chinese rhymes with "rich glory", in paintings often depicted with peony to the "glory and wealth" and have implied auspicious.


Peony shrub belonging ranunculaceae, also known as the "king of flowers", "Floral wealth". The form is the famous flowers of China, from ancient. Peony varieties variety (than 269 species) and is divided into 6 major product categories: finished, name products, Father Is, Update products, specific products and product carriers. Legend, when King Xuanzong are watching peony was once asked who wrote poems peony best bay, someone said to him the verse "natural flavor y gastric infection, International wine color orange tide "of Ly Chinh Phong Best, should form with the title "Natural flavors national identity". In the "Compendium of Materia Medica" said: "In flowers, head form, Dahlia Monday, so people call form is the king of flowers ". To the Song Dynasty, form in Luoyang is revered as the First galaxy, thence called "flower of Luoyang". Beautiful peony portly, so-called "flower of wealth" and handed. The form is the national flower color natural wealth of flavor, from past to present the celebrity dentist usually use it as the name of the library, gardens. As "natural sugar flavor" of the Song Dynasty Asian Stockings, "National identity" of the Kingdom of Emperor Minh Chau ... Peony has beauty and well-known, implied auspicious, so while building gardens, peony usually placed with jelly life to the landscape, "the fate of wealth", and put together with periwinkle flowers to the landscape "wealth ivy".


Shrub roses of their vertical wall vy, due 15 vy hybrid flowers wall several times without success. In China there are over 600 roses, very long bloom season, re-named Pink Quarter Quarter; bloom once per month, four seasons are constantly. In the years 80 century 18, roses were from India into Europe, Meanwhile the war between England and France broke out, but eventually the two sides shook hands and gave flowers reconciliation of this mutual. England thus far who respect national flower roses. Because roses are blooming seasons and folk consider it a good omen, should imply "quarter-quarter of peace". Roses combined with natural tree structure implies four-ivy ".


Gourd kind vines themselves Arab cinema, the lush fruit, county a lot, Chinese people consider it auspicious trees descendants symbolizes prosperity. Spike "man" (vines) homonymous with the word "universal", contemporary marble implied thousand schools. Besides, also avoid evil gourd gas and prevent gas field. At the Dragon Boat Festival, folk custom plug peach branch, gourd hanging on the door. According to feng shui analysis of the gas field, the curve of gourd shaped like the letter "S" contains the function of a demarcated magic yin and yang extremes. therefore, applied to goods seen in feng shui.


Dogwood smell very tasty, nine days before or after 9 month 9, dark red, customary folk, dogwood picked this day hanging overhead may avoid evil, destroy the devil. Besides, if planted dogwood home side could "increase longevity, excluding sick "; planted beside the well and the waterfront to leaves falling into it, people drink this water in it will never have the plague. Leopard build the Han Dynasty had "Gam dogwood", Fabric rent "rent dogwood image". Folk Meeting session in Chongyang day 9 month 9 China also called "Assembly dogwood".


Calamus are perennial herbaceous plants, usually grows wild plants, but also suitable grown in home gardens. Folk customs that are very precious flower calamus, Its location makes people increase longevity. In ancient times, Chinese people believe that regeneration calamus of astronomy. According to the legend, If anyone saw flowers calamus will be lucky, according to the notes in the "Food and a" : "Queen Truong Thi Thai team was in the room, he suddenly saw calamus bloom yard, bright colors, it is rare in the world, very amazing, asked the servant: "The people have seen it yet ?”, these people are answers that have not. Weather they said: "I heard that if you see the flower calamus will be lucky", so he picked to eat and born Gao ". Therefore calamus was loved and widely used in folk, is considered auspicious flower plants use gas to avoid evil. Calamus also has therapeutic value. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records that: "Primarily beef bones rheumatism treatment welding room, Paradoxical air concept, initiation giant, additional five organs, Nine complaints data, Intelligent entry atrium, sound production. Often relatives will eat lightly, mental clarity, long life, Additional minds, high even immortality ". In "Director of Museum - economic calamus" marked: "Calamus, the delicate grasses, the elves drugs. Its drug taken in coordination with the five virtues Five, green leaf, flowers, white, gold heart, black roots. Can treat all diseases room, limbs numb ... make tendons, increased spiritual, Profit organs, complementary continental government, appetizers and lifeline, dental benefits, hearing sight, lotion, Thermal welding past ... "

The origin meaning of feng shui tree
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