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Placement of flowers indoor plants bring positive energy

Often using flowers can change the feng shui an effective way. Bring flowers placed in the room or in the home can do exciting 8 type big desire of life in Bagua.

Put flowers in the east represent owning family and health, of carpentry in Five; put flowers in the Southeast, represents wealth and success, also in carpentry in the Five; put flowers in the south represents reputation and educated, under fire in the Five. However, because wood will damage the heart and restraint with needle, so avoid placing flowers in southwest, northeast and center. Of course, must also avoid placing the needle in Azimuth, as the west and northwest.

Apart Bagua and Five students carving, flowers are also used in the room in the house. Most importantly, living room and dining room, because there are two places for social activities, so as to higher energy. When the flower arrangement should carefully choose their location, if not, you should not use them. Especially in kitchen, Five very conflicting, besides may jeopardize our energy. For example: carpentry prone electrification products and blade vandalism, because these represent the needle, carpentry and metal that cancel each other again; but wood that could increase fire in the kitchen, because wood can promote the production of fire.

In addition to raising eight great desire of my life, flowers also could increase O2, increased humidity, enhance the energy of space. Flower is one of the effective methods of treatment with the highest feng shui; it helps to balance, power conditioning, to make room full of aroma and art.

There are a number of feng shui advised not to place flowers in the bedroom, because they carry oxygen to the place which used to rest.

Placement of flowers indoor plants bring positive energy
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Fresh flowers should also choose to buy the original. Wash jars clean plug. Cut diagonally to increase the contact area with water. Change the water every day for flowers in the early morning. Should put in place exit cool vase. adding aspirin, B1, Vitamin C helps to water flower flowerpot fresh longer.

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